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Material: jersey

Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane


In the summer season, everyone wants to look good, not only women but also men. Summer culottes are especially popular in hot weather. In order to look good, you need to follow the fashion and know what shorts 2022–2023 are in demand. Brand DA! BRO created a whole collection of men's sports shorts that allow men to feel confident in any place.

DA! BRO brand was created by designers Maxim and Margarita Komashnya. Today, everyone can buy designer clothes online store. The brand gained popularity due to its quality clothes and unique style.  Thanks to the brand, DA! BRO brand, customers can find clothes that will look harmonious and highlight their individuality. Designers work carefully on each line and create a unique design.

Why choose culotte shorts?

The culottes are wide shorts that are below the knee. They have a light and loose fit, so they are suitable for men of all ages. Such clothes are very popular due to their versatility. You can choose shorts in a basic color and wear them with a bright top. But men's green sports pants, despite the rich green color, are also in demand. They are suitable for brave men who are not afraid to look beautiful and modern. 

Men's culotte shorts are worth buying for those men who follow fashion. Today, this cut is quite popular. Shorts can be worn both in hot weather and in cool weather. They look good in combination with t-shirts as well as with sweatshirts and sweaters. That is what makes the shorts of this model not only fashionable but also practical.

Main features of the GREEN shorts

Before choosing GREEN knit men's shorts, you should get acquainted with their main features:

  • The shorts are produced in an oversize style, so they do not chafe or cause irritation. The clothes give lightness and self-confidence.
  • The shorts are made of a light enough fabric that provides air exchange. They will not be hot; they do not stick to the body.
  • You can wear such a model for a walk, for rest, or for sports.
  • You can combine culottes with any clothes, except for business clothing.
  • Shorts can hide figure flaws.
  • GREEN shorts allow you to visually make your figure wider.

Sports shorts are most suitable for people who love casual style. Mostly, they are teenagers and young people who want to showcase themselves as individuals through things. Also, culottes are a good option for those who want to buy exclusive things.

GREEN shorts are made of a natural material like cotton, so they do not cause allergies. The shorts are soft enough and pleasant to the touch. After washing, the clothes do not lose their appearance; they do not change color, which guarantees that things are made to all the standards. Therefore, clothes can be safely washed; do not fear that they will lose their appearance. 

How do I choose and wear culotte shorts?

Firstly, you should decide exactly why you need such shorts. This will help you better understand what kind of things you should wear in culotte shorts. For example, if you want to buy shorts for walking, they can be worn either with green t-shirts or colored shirts. For recreation, you can choose a white or black T-shirt. In this way, the clothes will look harmonious.

It is worth noting that the culotte shorts do not need additional care. It is necessary to wash them in time.  They do not stretch, and on them do not appear creases. That is why you can forget about ironing. The clothes are quite practical and comfortable; they can be combined with different things and experiment.

Buy men's culotte shorts at the online store DA!BRO. In addition to shorts, you can order other clothing that will help create your own individual image. Do not forget about the accessories; they will help create a beautiful image and emphasize your personality.  You can order online or by calling the company. The delivery is made throughout Ukraine. In Kyiv, you can pick up your order yourself or order a courier delivery.