If you do not like to overload yourself with unnecessary things - banana bags are definitely for you. Such bags have been worn throughout history, since ancient times. Even back then, they appreciated the practicality of banana bags - your hands are free, and the necessary items are always near you.

Advantages of banana bags

  • Universality. Suitable for any gender and age. Also, a wide range of models allows you to combine with different styles of clothing. 
  • Another plus is safety. Things are literally "at hand", the probability of theft is significantly reduced. 
  • Convenience. We do not always take things with us for a whole backpack, but the pockets alone are not enough. And if you buy cross body bags, then the problem of placing small things will disappear.
  • Takes the load off your back. Your lower back will not get tired - banana bags can be worn both on the belt and over the shoulder.

 What makes DA!BRO bags different?

The fabric. Our bags are made of 100% polyester and raincoat fabric. Both types are resistant to wear and tear and retain their color. The materials are water-repellent and hypoallergenic.

Durability. If you want to buy cross body bags in Ukraine so that they will last more than one year - our brand is for you. We use high quality fittings and fabric. Even after prolonged use, the bag will look like new with no fading and scuffs.

Unisex. All DA!BRO bags are suitable for men and women.

Design. Developed by Ukrainian designers - will appeal to lovers of minimalism and practicality. In this section you can not only buy belted bags, but also to order the original backpacks, handbags and bags over the shoulder (bag Orange).

Christian print. The bags have unique inscriptions, which are applied with the help of modern equipment for printing on fabrics, the inscriptions do not erase and do not crack. Christian inscriptions are chosen by more and more young people, showing their clear religious position.

In addition to bags on the belt, you can also buy a double-sided bag or backpack. They differ in their greater capacity. Due to durable fabric will not tear or stretch from heavy loads - convenient for traveling, hiking and walking. Performed in general style of DA!BRO brand and perfectly combined with its tracksuits, hoodies and t-shirts.

For whom are banana bags suitable?

Our goal is not mass, but uniqueness. DA!BRO develops fashion in Ukraine with bright things with original inscriptions. Our client is firstly a conscious consumer. A person who loves god and the environment. Adherent of capsule closet and basic things. Someone who wants to look bright and stylish and isn't afraid to attract attention with his/her appearance. An integral part of the jar bag is the Christian inscription. "You are the light of the world" - and we want to bring light to those around us. The phrases are unobtrusive but evoke positive emotions and interest.

Caring for Nature

Nowadays, the market is overflowing with "disposable" products that pollute the environment. People stuff the closet with hundreds of things which they then wear 2-3 times, and after that they wait in the closet for years to be cleaned. Our brand stands for sensible consumption. Practical banana bags are not overloaded with unnecessary details. Perfectly combined with oversize clothes and sports suits. Buy waist bags means to provide yourself with a versatile accessory for different images. 

Buying quality lap bags for women means investing in ecology. By reducing the number of purchases, you reduce the amount of textile waste. DA!BRO bags are so high quality that they will still be in salable condition after long-term wear. We ensure a long service life of DA!BRO bags. Thanks to premium materials and unique design, they will stay stylish and look as good as new.

You can buy belt bags right now and start changing your closet with care for the environment! In this category you can find bags, backpacks and bananas by DA!BRO brand