Socks with prints, high socks, premium quality socks

In this category, you can buy socks of premium quality with Komashnya designs. Medium-height socks are still in trend and go well with sports and casual shoes: sneakers, sports loafers, and boots.

Even more popular are socks with prints. The section presents socks with the inscription and Christian print, which is applied to the back of the product.

Premium quality socks have not only a decorative but also a practical function. The quality is due to natural materials with a low ratio of synthetics (needed to give the product elasticity), high material density, and resistance to wear. Each product is made with love and care, and attention to detail, as even the accessories should bring joy and comfort to the owner.    

How to order socks with prints

In our online store, you can order any number of socks with an individual design or buy socks in the already presented design. In the order form, you need to specify the size and quantity. You can place your order not only within Ukraine but also worldwide.

DA!BRO clothes are clothes for those who like to look bright and stylish, want to stand out and feel freedom and comfort at the same time. Accessories and in particular socks with print will be a

 great addition to the image. We have unisex models in universal black and white colors that will suit both men and women, under any color of pants and shoes.

Here are some rules from image-makers on how to wear high socks and in general any kind of socks:

  1. Choose quality. Premium quality socks are made from natural materials that are breathable and provide good air exchange for the skin. As a result, there's no odor.

  2. Neither white nor black socks will work under sandals, it is better to choose other basic colors. Trends are changing and today socks can be combined with sandals if you are ready to experiment. It is only unacceptable to wear socks with yachting shoes.

  3. Medium-length socks go well with business suits. Why medium length? When a man sits or puts his foot on his leg - the length of the socks is immediately noticeable. At the average length of socks, all look aesthetically in any position of the body.

Tips for girls on how to wear socks and look stylish:

  1. Choose the color of socks under the color of the top, so the combination will be most harmonious and there will be a clear visual separation of the top and bottom.
  2. You can also combine the color of the socks with an accessory, such as a scarf around the neck or a bag.
  3. Medium-length socks go well with skirts of different lengths, but up to the middle of the knee, and also with mini shorts and safari shorts (especially under boots or military shoes).
  4. High socks can be worn with dresses, under shoes, and loafers. If the dress code allows, also with formal wear, but here you need to be very careful not to erase the line between style and frivolity. 

For those who pay attention to detail, give preference to high quality, and want to stand out, we offer to buy socks to order with individual design and in any quantity.

How to store and stack socks to organize space

We know that most of our audience are people who are smart about organizing space. The closet is no exception. Socks can be stored in special organizers or simply folded compactly in any container.