Sports dresses for women

Sports dresses for women



DA!BRO dresses

If previously, dresses were associated exclusively with a romantic image and high heels, but now this element of the closet is considered to be as universal as possible. This piece of clothing is now worn with sneakers, and with ballerinas, and boots. In addition to the cocktail and evening models, girls are happy to dress in oversize dresses and other sports styles like tennis shoes or sweatshirt tunics.

Ukrainian brand of clothes, DA!BRO, creates original casual variants for those who like free urban style and connoisseurs of comfort. Dress oversize is just the thing for girls and young women to look stylish and not to deny themselves the comfort.

Who will love the dresses DA!BRO?

Oversize style is often associated with youth fashion, but such clothes do not have restrictions on age, size of hips and chest size. Girls-students, young mothers and businesswomen will appreciate the DA!BRO. This is a universal element of the basic closet, an indispensable attribute for the followers of capsule images.

Combine oversize dress with a denim jacket, biker jackets, jackets, sneakers, and other things. You will always look stylish and feel comfortable. These dresses are absolutely neutral, so they are suitable for any kind of activity: driving a car, walking in the park, relaxing in nature, shopping, etc.

Moreover, DA!BRO brand garments means high-quality materials and laconic style. Loose sleeves, and nude colors of dresses will allow making the right accents in your look.

Why are oversize dresses DA!BRO on trend?

Ukrainian brand creates Christian clothing with unique prints, where the main messages are love to God, motivation, and faith. In the oversize dresses, you can find the message "Don't let your fear stop you" and the message to Galatians in English. The preaching captions are an element of the unique design.

Also, oversize dresses by the brand DA!BRO are:

  1. Premium-quality fabric. No tactile discomfort even after several dozen pieces of washing. All seams are well processed, so skin irritations and other troubles are not a threat to you.
  2. Pastel shade and loose fit. Versatility from A to Z - combine with an office jacket, sports sweater, leggings, colored pantyhose and bright accessories and any footwear!
  3. Universal and comfortable clothes. Dresses do not constrain movements, do not "bounce", and are great for work and for rest.
  4. Sporty oversize cut, which will suit the taste of modern youth. Unique design elements with Christian inscriptions just complete the effective image.

No doubt, this model will be a must-have in your closet. Oversize dresses will be a wandering hand for all occasions. Order the clothes you like on the site right now!