Tracksuits for women

Tracksuits for women



Basic tracksuits for women

On this page, you can buy a tracksuit for women, which will be a basic thing in the closet. What does it mean? It's simple: we have developed such models that can be combined with any other basic things. The new look will always look harmonious and suitable for leisure, city walks, and relaxing with friends. To complete each bow, you can use the appropriate footwear and accessories (which may also be a little).

Women's sports suits, especially in the style of oversize, have long been seen as clothing, exclusively for sports and activity. Suits are loved for their comfort, comfort in cool weather, and freedom of movement. The pace of life around the world has accelerated so much that now we choose convenience over all other qualities. But tracksuits for women of DA!BRO brand are more than just comfort.

What makes the DA!BRO women's oversize tracksuit different from others?

Each brand has its own values, which it wants to pass on to those who support it. We carefully think over each model: we draw unique sketches, develop curves, so that the clothes look well and stylishly on every type of figure.

Buy women's suits in our online showroom, you can not only for the quality fabrics but also for the unique design that you will not see in other sports suits manufactured in Ukraine.

Interesting nuances of our models: 

  • waistcoats, which allow you to adjust the suit to fit your figure;
  • colors of fabric (there are in basic colors, there is a unique khaki color);
  • printing of Christian inscriptions on the fabric by flexion;
  • unique shapes of sleeves, posts, pockets.

DA!BRO women's tracksuits are designed to be worn for most types of activities: walking in the city, vacation in the country, meeting with friends, playing with children, shopping, business lunches. But the main advantage of basic things - versatility, harmonious combination with other things. For example, the bottom of the suit can be successfully combined with a jacket, jacket, coat, cardigan or leather jacket. In 2022, a clear distinction between the business and casual bow was erased.

Women's oversize tracksuit tops can also be successfully combined with a jacket, coat, cardigan and of course other things in a sporty and casual style.

Why do more and more people choose minimalism?

We share the same values as you, such as sensible consumption and minimalism, because we want to take care of the next generations, nature and the environment. Our goal is NOT to "stamp" as many clothes as possible. Fewer clothes mean less use of natural resources, less waste.

When you decide to buy a stylish woman's suit in Ukraine in dabro.ua online store, you invest in yourself, in your appearance for several years ahead, because the clothes retain their quality, shape and color for a long time. 

Travel lovers will also appreciate the benefits of basic things, because they need very little for a whole variety of images. Just grab a few hats, jewelry, a purse and a backpack, and you can endlessly create new looks. Check out the women's T-shirts section and pick up additional items for your capsule closet. Pastel colors will go well with other colors. You can see Christian inscriptions on most T-shirts, which are also part of our concept and state of mind.

To buy a stylish women's suit in Ukraine you just need to click the button and in a few days the desired purchase will be in your hands.