Women's pants

Women's pants



In the closet of girls who like to lead an active lifestyle, must be soft pants for women. They are more elastic in comparison with the classic pants, do not have fasteners - adjustment at the waist is carried out by pulling or loosening the cord. Wonderfully adapted to the shape of the girl and do not constrain her movements, providing maximum comfort.

Pants are easy to wash out from the dirt, very easy to care for, do not form lint (made of quality fabrics), suitable for everyday wear. They belong to the category of universal things because they are combined with any other outerwear. You can wear these pants for sports activities, for a walk, and even for a festive event.

They promote self-expression, emphasizing the inner confidence of the girl and her desire to be bright. Therefore, it is worth buying women's pants, if you do not have them in your personal closet. Such clothes are considered popular due to the fact that a healthy lifestyle has long been in fashion.

How to wear women's pants?

There are a lot of options. The first is that they can be worn together with retro sneakers and a sweatshirt. Instead of sneakers, rough boots that easily tuck the pants into would also work. Other ways to combine:

  1. With blouses and tops while wearing sneakers.
  2. With a polo or an elongated t-shirt. The latter will peek elegantly out from under a sweatshirt, which also combines well with pants.
  3. Sneakers, hoodie.
  4. Cardigan or sweater.
  5. Shirt, shoes with heels.
  6. Trench coats, oversize jackets.

When buying women's pants, it is not enough to focus on the things that will be combined with them. You also need to take into account the style, length, fabric quality, type of your figure, color. Online store Dabro offers a wide range of Christian clothing for modern girls.

Assortment of the online store

Every girl can buy women's pants DA!BRO with a high fit. The fashion for low waists is a thing of the past. There are different cut options - straight, loose, tapered. Basic colors will go well with any other shades of clothing. Distinctive features of women's pants from the brand Dabro:

  • some models have puffs that allow you to shorten the length;
  • basically, all the pants are one-color (there are practically no decorative inserts);
  • the basic shades are black, white, and terracotta;
  • pants are sewn from quality knitted material, which is pleasant to the touch and provides excellent air exchange (which is extremely important when performing active physical activities).

Dabro brand values its reputation, which has been built up over the years. Therefore, all sports pants (and other things) are made of high quality materials that do not lose their color after repeated washings, retain the original shape, do not roll down and look harmonious with other things. These advantages influence the final price. Customers pay for exclusive clothing that is guaranteed to last for many years. 

If you once decide to buy women's pants in the online store Dabro, you will not be able to resist buying other things as well. DA! BRO is about love, about sensible and conscious consumption, about Christian clothing with a message.