Men's bananas


A men's banana bag over the shoulder or on a belt will become an indispensable accessory for every man. You can put money, phone, car keys and other items in it, which should always be at hand. Men's banana bag for a belt is not just another trend, but a really meaningful and useful purchase. Let's find out why.

Buy a banana for men can be those who go in for sports or morning jogging. The accessory is easily attached with a belt at the waist and completely frees your hands. The men's banana can hold small but essential items for jogging, such as a player or headphones. Motorists can put documents in it. By the way, the accessory can be left on while driving, as a rule, it does not interfere.

Men's sports banana is suitable for a student and teenager who often lose things from their pockets. The bag can also be worn over the shoulder, and a special loop on the DA! BRO branded belt bags will allow you to attach it to a backpack, to a belt of trousers, or a laptop bag.

Features of the banana men's sports DA! BRO

The canvas black belt bag suits most clothing styles: casual style that teenagers love and urban style. Due to its small size and black color, the accessory is invisible, so it can be used to store money.

Additional advantages of the DA! BRO banana for men:

  • fabric that repels water;
  • high quality fittings;
  • soft forms, brevity;
  • unique design print;
  • small size;
  • locks that work in two directions;
  • inner and outer pocket.

You can order a men's belt bag, a banana bag, either for yourself or as a gift. A man at any age will find use for this accessory.
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