Men's oversize shorts

Men's oversize shorts




Men's designer oversize shorts

Men's shorts are a must-have part of the summer closet. For urban style, oversize is the most successful option. You can look good without spending a lot of time on planning the image. 

Advantages of oversize clothing:

  • Men's oversize shorts don't stiffen your movements, don't pinch or chafe.
  • Provide comfort and coziness while wearing, and the lightness gives more confidence.
  • Men's shorts are made of dense fabric, but due to the loose cut they provide a good air exchange. This means that in the summer in such clothes will be comfortable.
  • Shorts can be safely called a basic item of summer season. Suitable for travels, trips out of town, walks around the city or with your favorite pet, spend time in a cafe. They can also be a part of a bow for a party.
  • They look harmonious with any outfit, whatever you add, the image will remain stylish (of course, except for formal wear).
  • Suitable for everyone. Oversize shorts are sewn in one universal size, well fit any figure, hiding all the flaws.

Men's shorts, culottes are much wider than usual. They come in different lengths, usually below the knee, but not reaching the ankle. The height of the waist can be adjusted independently. Our website has two different styles:

  • green culottes shorts - short with lots of detail, visually expand the figure;
  • shorts-kilottes white - more authentic. With a drawstring at the waist and interesting nuances in design.

Who will suit men's sports shorts DA!BRO?

  1. Firstly, for young, brave people who like casual and minimalism, travel light, freedom of movement.
  2. For those who support sensible consumption instead of thoughtlessly buying unnecessary clothing. 
  3. For people who want to buy exclusive clothes. 

Why choose DA!BRO?

On our website, you can buy men's shorts in Ukraine in a few clicks. DA! BPO provides high quality materials and tailoring. All models feature a natural fabric - double-knit fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastane) of premium quality.

Among its advantages:

  1. Softness and comfort. Does not cause allergies, does not chafe and not prickly.
  2. Practicality. Does not require complex care, just wash. Does not crumple, does not stretch, does not form lint.
  3. Longevity. It does not lose its new look, and its color remains the same even after many washes. Resistant to heat treatment.

DA!BRO garments are sewn in the same style and easily combined with each other. Men's shorts can be bought together with men's T-shirts and hoodies, as they will best complement your sporty image. Thanks to the pastel palette, the culottes shorts will look good with both contrasting colors and soft colors. To make the image more complete you can add some accents with accessories: glasses, cap or panama, banana bag.

Men's shorts by DA! BRO, at a price significantly differ from the market price, but it is justified by the exclusivity and original design. Plus, the clothes are designed for long use. Rest assured that the oversize style will be relevant for more than one year.

Christian message in DA!BRO clothes

DA!BRO brand brings the message that Jesus Christ bequeathed to us, and to support us in this case, each of you can. Just wear clothes with a Christian print and show everyone who you are. Talk about God in your place, with close friends, or to passersby. Our collection has clothing with direct messages as well as indirect references that make you think. The design of DA!BRO men's shorts stands out among ordinary clothes, thanks to soft and pleasant to the touch fabrics, cut, interesting details and quality fittings.