Men's outerwear DA!BRO

Men's outerwear DA!BRO


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Men's outerwear DA!BRO - an intelligent approach to clothing choice

XVIII century, France, England: a revolution in the fashion world. A new attribute of the wardrobe appears among the upper class - men's waistcoats of expensive fabrics, decorated with embroidery and precious stones on the buttons. Few people were able to afford such a luxury. Times have changed, so has fashion, but the men's waistcoat has become an integral part of both men's and women's wardrobes. 

The speed of life in the 21st century is so high that not everyone has time to pay attention to fashion trends, the weather and even the time of year. Modern people, especially young people, live by the rule "who cares what trainers walk in Paris". But what if you don't just walk around Paris in trainers and clothes, but in comfortable, quality and modern clothes and shoes?

An excellent example of such a solution could be a men's waistcoat from DA!BRO Ukraine. We have thought over all the nuances of men's outerwear:

  1. A unique design has been created, which is perfect for walking, working and sporting activities.
  2. We have developed basic shades that go well with all other shades of clothing.
  3. You can buy a sleeveless jacket and other outerwear for spring/fall and winter. For warm models, use a quality insulator that does not bunch up after washing and does not cause allergies.

Lovers of outdoor activities can buy a waistcoat for men (Ukraine), lots of deep pockets make it convenient to carry keys, change and phone, player and other gadgets. Take it all at once and do not lose it. Isn't that what modern men dream about?

Benefits of men's outerwear DA!BRO

Men's outerwear, as well as a men's waistcoat from TM DA!BRO, will be a hallmark of your taste. In addition to design, we have paid attention to wearability: the places of most abrasion have been additionally strengthened with fabric. The fabrics used by DA!BRO stand up to numerous washings and temperature fluctuations. The brightness and saturation of the substances remain unchanged even when exposed to the active sun. High-quality fittings are used for men's waistcoats and other garments. Materials made with love for the future owners, pleasant to the touch and to the body, do not cause allergies and add a sense of comfort. The seams of the garment will not irritate the skin.

Casual men’s outerwear

What to wear and where? The answer is obvious: everywhere and everywhere. This wardrobe element can be combined with jeans and joggers. Whether it's a jumper or a shirt. Be it going on a fishing trip or a trip to the club, shopping or work, walking with a kid or on a date with a girl - the men's waistcoat TM DA!BRO will complete your style and provide comfort. Thanks to specially designed patterns, the waistcoat sits perfectly on any figure and does not constrain the movement.

The key to creating a unique image is your own design solution

Men’s T-shirt's highlight will be unique design elements with Christian inscriptions, which will only add to a spectacular image. The Ukrainian brand creates Christian clothes with positive inscriptions where the main message is love to God, and faith. In addition, the men's waistcoat can easily be combined with other elements of the collection and, thanks to neutral shades and stylish details, creates a new image for every day.

We create men's outerwear which will be a pleasure to conquer Europe in. You can start creating your perfect capsule wardrobe now. Buy a men's waistcoat TM DA!BRO in Ukraine in a few clicks.