DAB!RO T-shirts - for the perfect capsule wardrobe


Looking for a versatile piece for your basic and capsule wardrobe? The T-shirt is the first priority item of clothing, with which the purchase of basic items should begin. Moreover, it is always comfortable, free and pleasant to wear a T-shirt.

T-shirts go well with jeans, trousers, shorts, blazers, jackets and different shoes. Therefore, it is ideal for a capsule set. A large selection of colors allows you to find a model for the main color types: spring, summer, autumn or winter.

How to put together a basic wardrobe with t-shirts

The “nothing to wear” problem automatically disappears from the moment you decide to create a basic wardrobe. This means a minimum of things, but a maximum of images (usually in a casual style). First, you definitely need to get a white and black T-shirt - these monochrome colors will suit everything for both man and woman.

T-shirts can be an element of a business look or a casual one, and Da! Bro models with designer inscriptions will add uniqueness to the look. The oversized model will appeal to those who do not want to bother with the selection of the size and nuances of their figure, who love freedom of movement and action. In the catalog you will find basic men's and women's T-shirts in the most popular colors: khaki, black, white, beige, powdery, purple, blue.

The capsule wardrobe was conceived with a specific purpose and a noble mission - to reduce the amount of waste, most of which is clothing. And the goal of our brand is to create clothes that will retain their original qualities for as long as possible and will help everyone to express themselves.

What makes Da!Bro models special

Want to buy a T-shirt that will be your favorite item from season to season? Exclusive models from Da!Bro will become just such a wardrobe item. They differ from similar things of other brands:

  •  using in the production of natural materials that retain color and are safe for the skin (composition: 95% cotton);
  •  direct printing on a T-shirt or thermal applique, which makes each model unique;
  •  softness, pleasant tactile sensations during wear, which persist even after several years of use;
  •  exclusive design development;
  •  tailoring according to individual patterns;
  •  high density 160-190 g / m2 due to which the thing does not lose its shape after 100 wash cycles.

The designer print makes the model look different from the standard items from the MasMarket. You can choose a drawing that will broadcast your vision of the world.

You can also buy basic oversized T-shirts for a gift. One size fits all, and basic t-shirt colors will match any garment. A set of basic T-shirts will always be appropriate for both a guy and a girl.