You can buy children's socks for children's suits and other clothing from Komashnya. We tried even on this accessory to show a stylish "twist" and put an inscription on the top. Children's socks will remain in trend even in the next season.

Children's socks should be comfortable and pleasant to the touch. To ensure good breathability, we used cotton. To keep the socks in shape and to be flexible and soft, the fabric composition includes some amount of elastane.

Under what clothes and shoes fit children's socks DA!BRO?

Children's socks DA! BRO will suit any closed shoes. Children's socks can be worn with sneakers, sneakers, creepers, boots, moccasins, and other shoes. Any clothing, except ceremonial, also will be well combined with high children's socks: sports summer suits, wide shorts, skirts, and dresses - all will look harmonious due to the height of the socks themselves. In addition to versatility, it can be noted that children's socks visually make legs slimmer (we are talking about socks or high socks).

How to choose children's socks online?

Shopping online is much more enjoyable, especially for those families whose children do not like tedious shopping and trying on. However, any online orders have their disadvantages - the inability to try on clothes or shoes. Children's socks to buy in Ukraine and abroad can be without problems, if you know some of the nuances:

  • children's socks in our online store are quite dense, designed for daily wear on the street;
  • adding a certain amount of elastane allows socks to stretch and fit comfortably under a different completeness of the foot, not squeezing the skin;
  • to know your sock size for online ordering, you will need to measure the length of your foot, as you normally do when sizing your shoes;
  • take measurements in the evening and on both feet, as you need to choose the measurement that is larger (a slight asymmetry of the feet is quite normal)

The design of children's socks can be not boring

At a certain age, children no longer like to wear clothes in children's colors, with cartoon characters or drawings. They want to be like mom and dad - stylish, modern, free in movement. The design of our children's clothing and accessories allows the child to look mature and modern at the same time.

Socks look cool while riding a skateboard, bike, scooter, or gyro board. The child will feel confident among their peers, and most importantly, comfortable during the activity.

You can make an individual order of clothing and accessories for the whole family. We also take corporate orders with individual designs from Komashnya.

Taking care of white children's socks

Most parents choose practicality over beauty, as keeping baby clothes white is difficult. But you can't find a more versatile and "refreshing" color of clothing. To keep the socks white, before washing them in the washing machine, they should be placed in a container with water and any bleaching agent (with a safe or natural composition). 

Where to find and buy stylish children's socks in Kyiv?

Socks for children DA!BRO you can buy in Kyiv through the online store. We also provide delivery through Ukraine and abroad. You can order in bulk if you want to open your showroom or store. We make clothes and accessories for those who want to stand out.