Oversize styles for kids 

Looking for a summer outfit for a girl? On our website, you can find children's brand-name sportswear in oversize styles. 

Oversize clothes aren't just a few sizes larger, during the cut, the details are intentionally changed in proportions. This trick makes it possible to create new shapes that sit harmoniously on any figure. Children are in constant motion and clothes should not interfere with that. An oversize suit for a girl lies softly on the body, and provides freedom and comfort. Due to the wide cut, there is a constant air exchange, which is important in hot weather.

The oversize costume is suitable for any body shape and height. Such a costume can be confidently bought "as a grown-up". Thus, a child may wear it for several seasons. A teenage girl's sports suit looks stylish in an urban environment. The fashion of oversize continues to be relevant and will be so for more than one year. You can diversify the image, combining it with accessories - bags, glasses, hats. 


Cotton is one of the most pleasant fabrics to wear: hypoallergenic, breathable (in hot weather it cools, in cold keeps warm), well washed, does not burn out and does not fade. But there is one drawback - it is not elastic, because of constantly crumples and not at all stretch. This problem can easily be solved by adding a small percentage of elastin. We use 95% cotton and 5% elastin in our children's branded tracksuits.

What is knitwear?

It is a fabric whose yarns go through a long sorting process of sanding, removing all imperfections, including microscopic lint. As a result, the fabric is incredibly smooth, durable, and resistant to wear and tear. It does not deform, does not mangle, does not become electrified, and retains its original shape during wear.  

How to take care of a children's suit for a girl?

Clothing made of foam knitwear does not require special care. It is best to wash at 30-40 degrees. You can dry in normal conditions on a dryer or hangers - the fabric will not stretch. It is recommended not to dry clothes in direct sunlight. The suit does not need ironing as it does not wrinkle. 

DA!BRO brand concept

Children grow up quickly and a T-shirt, which six months ago was too small, becomes too small. With over-size clothes it's easier, they will look good for several seasons. As a result - fewer shopping and less things that no longer fit, less textile waste. Even with such small steps, caring for the environment starts.

What else can you do for the environment? For example, choose clothes with a high content of natural materials, which do not emit toxic substances when utilized. You can buy a tracksuit for a girl not for one summer, but for several years ahead. Our over-size suits look good for different heights, and the premium fabric is resistant to wear and tear. Even after multiple pieces of washing, a girl's suit retains its shape and bright color.

A capsule closet allows you to create many combinations from a small set of clothes. Children's sports suits for a girl are well combined with each other, especially it is convenient during trips. We also took care that the summer costume for a girl would have interesting coloring. The pattern developed by Ukrainian designers is unique and impossible to repeat.