Banana bag


The first belt bag, or as it is also called - banana, appeared in Ancient Greece and Egypt. The main purpose was to store items of daily use and free hands. They put the accessory on the belt. Today they want to buy a banana for the same purposes - to free their hands and conveniently place the most necessary things: car or apartment keys, mobile phone, money, change. Belt bags are also carried over the shoulder, and by adding a handle it can also be used as a purse.

In the XIV century, the banana was decorated with fur, precious stones and other outlandish materials, the accessory was called the beautiful word "omonier" and was worn by the most notorious fashionistas. In the 90s, almost everyone who traded and exchanged currencies wanted to buy a banaka, and the bag was called a "baryzhka". But the time has come for high technologies and an accelerated pace of life. The accessory received a new name "banana", significantly decreased in size, became more laconic and inconspicuous and took on ergonomic soft shapes. The price has become so affordable that even schoolchildren can order it today.

The DABRO brand banana bag is made in a minimalist style with the main emphasis on quality. Let's take a look at what to carry this bag with.

Banana Waist Bag Versatility

The banana bag goes well with many styles of clothing. First of all, this is sports style, casual, city style. You can also buy a banana for a teenager - it goes well with the hip-hop style. The catalog contains universal models that are suitable for men and women, the belt is easily adjustable to fit. The trendy black belt bags can be left on, even while driving.

Cool bananas DABRO

We have equipped the bag on a belt - a banana with a special loop so that it can be fixed where it is convenient using a carabiner. In the standard version, the banana bag is worn on the belt. Inside and outside there are additional pockets for cards and coins. The product is sewn of water-repellent material, so the accessory can be worn in any weather.

The black color does not attract attention, it looks laconic and versatile. To add uniqueness to each model, we have applied a special print. Everyone can choose a drawing for themselves that conveys the inner state.

Who are bananas for?

You can buy a banana bag for a teenager, as a rule, it is guys and girls who walk almost lightly and carry small, but important things in their pockets. The bag will hold the essentials: keys and phone.

The accessory is suitable for people with chronic diseases who need quick access to drugs. The banana bag will hold medicines and miniature devices. Also, the bag can be presented as a gift to an elderly person who loves to have everything at hand.

Pet owners, with whom they need to walk daily, have a special love for banana bags. The belt pouch can also store everything you need while keeping your hands free for a leash. In general, travel lovers and fishermen can spend money on this thing, who should also have the necessary little things in the immediate vicinity.

Why is it profitable to buy a banana in our online store?

Because it is an investment in quality that will last for years. Therefore, each of our products is made with love and only from high quality materials. We put the main emphasis on the Christian design of things, which unites and helps to express ourselves. Our design always conveys kindness, care and is unique.

You will not find unnecessary things in DABRO clothes and accessories - we stand for minimalism, conscious consumerism and ecology. The products do not pollute the environment after disposal.