Women's bananas


Choosing a bag for every girl is always a difficult task, because you want to buy inexpensively a stylish and functional accessory that would accommodate all the necessary items. As a rule, bags that focus on design are not always roomy. We offer "plan B" and in addition to the main bag buy a women's banana. The cost of women's bags of bananas of the Ukrainian brand DABRO for these purposes is quite affordable.

For what purposes can you buy a cheap women's banana

Everything that is so uncomfortable "lying around" in your pocket, scratches the phone and, as luck would have it, sinks into the depths of the lining easily moves into a belt bag, which by the way can also be carried over your shoulder. A black female banana bag can serve as a wallet; money, change, payment cards are placed in it. Women's banana bag will always be in front of you. A cell phone or keys will also be in the immediate vicinity. Women's sports banana is useful for those who are fond of training and running. You can put the player in such a bag and charge with your favorite music.

DABRO banana bags for women

Why are our female bananas so laconic? It's simple - we love minimalism, practicality and versatility. The bags have been specially designed in black, as it is not easily soiled, goes well with any color of clothing, and is invisible (which, for example, is very important if you keep money in your purse). Water-repellent fabric will not get wet in rain or snow. The high density of the material guarantees protection from scratches and cuts. We carefully process all seams, so you will not find protruding threads on our products. A branded fabric banana for girls will convey the mood and position in life with the help of a unique lettering print. What unusual will you find in a sports women's banana:

  • a special loop for a carabiner (you can attach it to a backpack, bag, jeans, or make a purse with a handle);
  • double tongue locks - convenient, affordable;
  • ergonomic shape, practical fabric that does not allow water to pass through, inner pocket;
  • unique inscription.

You can buy a women's banana bag in a few clicks and in a day it will be in your hands. You can present an accessory as a gift. If you are a lover of minimalism, basic Christian things from Ukrainian designers - this store is just for you.